The spirit: mountains, flight, effort and adventure!

The St Hil Airtour combines paragliding and hiking in a Raid type event. The pilots, followed by their assistants, can fly a course of more than 400 km which extends over four counties: Isère, Savoie, Drôme and Haute Alpes.

If you enjoy backcountry flying, endurance hiking, and if you are an advanced pilot (Ippi card 5) with a sense of adventure, the St Hil AirTour was designed for you.

Wether you’re an experienced competitor or a young pilot with promising potential, if you want to measure yourself against the best, the race is on.

The comp is open to many pilots

– Duration of the event: 7 days of racing for total immersion

– Mandatory rest period at night

Pilots can either fly or hike the course in a medium altitude environment

The course follows classic cross-country routes

– Three loops of increasing difficulty

– The third loop is more technical and offers many options to choose     from

– The live tracking of the event allows a large audience to share your adventure and contributes to the safety of the race

This competition opens up a new way of flying, offers friendly rivalry, and above all, a challenging human adventure

You’ve dreamt about it? Do it with the St Hil Airtour

No need to be a great competitor to come and play, you just have to dream of adventure, love challenges and be passionate about flying in the mountains.


The Airtour 2022: A ranking for all, you choose your philosophy

The Airtour aims to introduce vol bivouac flying competition to those who are new to this type of event. The race route consists of three loops of increasing difficulty. You must first complete the yellow course, then the blue and finally the red, in that order.

Not everyone will complete the course, but all participants will compete in the same ranking, so it’s up to you to set your own goals.

During the race, “livetracking” will be available for all pilots.

The first to cross the finish line wins the 2022 edition.

There will be a Women’s ranking and a Rookie ranking (1st participation and – 25 years old).

The Jury will also award the Airtour spirit Trophy, according to non-predictable criteria to avoid any risk of corruption ;-).

Selection: Ippi 5 card holder, experience in national, international or walking competitions and/or noteworthy flights published on Xcontest / CFD


3 loops of increasing difficulty:

– yellow loop: a small tour in the Chartreuse massif, with the Charmant Som as an optional turn point

– blue loop: a tour in the south, Trièves / Dévoluy / le Buëch, with Aspres as an optional turn point

– red loop: the most challenging one will take you to the heart of the Alps via the Col du Galibier and up to the Pierra Menta (optional turn point)

Each loop ends at the signboard in St Hilaire.