When is registration open?

Registration will open in mid-December 2021
Announcement of the selected pilots on 31 January 2022 (50 places).

Pilots on the waiting list will then be notified individually.
The waiting list will take into account the dates of receipt of your application form.

Who should fly this competition?

All pilots who used to hike and fly a lot. All pilot need to have a flying insurance and FAI sporting license.
Foreign pilots please contact us by e-mail.

Flying requirements

Athletes must be « Advanced Pilot » rated or have Ippi card 5.
Pilots will not be able to compete unless they have a medical fitness certificate.
To be selected in the AIRTOUR pilots must have paragliding experiences or cross country fligts. They also need a hiking experience .

Equipment required

Certified paraglider (or load test certificate), reserve parachute, helmet and GPS unit.

Hiking and flying: what equipment?

Choosing some particular equipment depends on each pilot’s hike-and-fly habits: both activities imply a compromise between weight and performance. If you are an avid hiker you will probably opt for some light paraglider, whereas if you are very good at cross-country flying you may choose a high-performance wing. Try to be as light as possible and keep in mind that the more you fly the less you walk.

Can pilots make up teams?

Participants can make up teams but there will be no specific team ranking.

What is Live Tracking?

Live tracking allows fans to follow every participant’s move on the official Air Tour website’s map.

The pilots’ position is updated every 5 minutes on the Google map thanks to GPS coordinates being sent via GSM network. Spectators are able to see if pilots are flying, sleeping or hiking. They can also have a look at the pilots’ live ranking.

Live tracking is also used for rescue procedures in case of accident: injured or rescuing pilots can start efficient rescue action thanks to the GPS tracking system.

Are maps provided by Air Tour?

Participants must have their own maps and decide on a particular itinerary according to their daily physical condition and the local weather.

Do pilots need a GPS unit?

Pilots will need a GPS unit in case of dispute or waypoint failure. The GPS tracking system is the only evidence during the race.

Does Air Tour provide accommodation during the event?

Pilots must take care of their own accommodation throughout the race.

Are pilots required to do the race from 7h to 20h30?

No, they are not. Pilots choose the time when they start and the time they suspend the race for the day. They have to turn on / off their GPS unit for that purpose. When turning off their GPS unit, they must report back to the race committee via phone call or their supporter.

Do pilots need additional insurance?

We recommend that pilots take out personal accident insurance and repatriation assistance cover for paragliding.